Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - MultiPack C14

MultiPack C14 - Now available at Giltrap AgriZone

Arcusin MultiPack c14 Bale Packer – For fast cost-effective bale stacking & handling

  1. A new generation
  2. Improved system for a constant, continuous work cycle
  3. Simple movements
  4. Improved loading system thanks to Arcusin’s exclusive new chain design
  5. Simple to drive and makes full use of fields
  6. One operator can carry out the whole process without the need for specialized training
  7. Highly compacted and perfectly bound bales
  8. Very stable and fully adaptable to soft and irregular terrain
  9. Designed and manufactured for intensive work and tested under the toughest of conditions.

Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - MultiPack C14 Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - MultiPack C14

Collects and packs small conventional bales into packs of 8, 10, 12 or 14 bales (hay, straw and haylage) before releasing them as one combined bale.

The 14-bale setting can produce one large bale 2400mm long, 900mm high and 900mm-1300mm wide.

Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - MultiPack C14

Packs 8, 10, 12 or 14 bales per pack with the use of a chamber restrictor. (8,10,12 or 14 bale packs are used when the packs require wrapping).

Collects, ties off and deposits 500 bales per hour. In a recent demonstration one 14-bale unit was produced every 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Also operates in a stationary mode, packing shed-stored bales out of season.

The Arcusin C14 offers significant time and cost savings in bale collection, transportation, storage and handling.

Packing is separate from the baling process and can be done after, as well as during baling.

Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - MultiPack C14

Shed storage of packs is an efficient use of space. The stacks are very stable and the shed can be mechanically filled and emptied.

Economical to run – low tractor horsepower requirement. The Arcusin C14 has its own hydraulic system and its own pump.

All operations are controlled from the tractor cab.

Easy setup with only basic training required. There’s no need for constant adjustments and training and all functions are easily understood.

The Arcusin C14 MultiPack Stacker has been designed, tested and manufactured in Spain for intensive work under all field conditions.

Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - Arcusin AutoStack FSALSO AVAILABLE

Arcusin AutoStack

Unique Bale stacking equipment

Available in 2 models (AutoStack XP and AutoStack FSX).

Totally automatic operation with Independent Hydraulic System.

Designed to work at high speed.

Arcusin Bale Stacking Solutions - Arcusin AutoStack XPTandem system to give uniform load distribution suiting all terrains.

Independent manual parking brake.

Central control in tractor cab utilising CAN BUS.


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